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Guest Announcement: Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood

 I discovered my creative talents at the very young age of 5 where I immersed himself in comic book art and fantasy. I taught myself many ways to perfect photo-realistic style while also learning every curve of the human form.

 While serving in the U.S. Navy as a weapons specialist, I stumbled upon the humble airbrush and made it my ‘creative weapon’ of choice! My artistic abilities were formally recognized while in the Navy by my Naval Superiors by receiving a written Award of Appreciation for creating a mural on the wall of the Nimitz Hall Quarterdeck.

 My artistic career escalated after Naval duties where I completed many high profile airbrushed projects including album covers for rap artist Busta Rhymes and landed a role as Assistant Art Director for Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Actress, Television and Record Producer Queen Latifah in her company, Flavor Unit Management. While working for Queen Latifah I designed many pieces including album covers and logos.

 My love for the human anatomy grew as I immersed myself in bodybuilding which brought new and exciting opportunities to challenge my artistic abilities in fantasy illustrations. My first publication came in Muscle & Fitness magazine with an illustration of 6 time Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates. I also created a piece for Yates which was also personally presented to him.

 I was also commissioned to do a portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger and presented it to him personally at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.



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