Fan Group Booth Reservation


(Fan Groups should have between five to ten members)

There will be a limited number of tables available for FREE to fan groups.

Everyone not manning the table will have to pay admission to Clermont Comic Con.

You may NOT sell general merchandise at your table, the only items that can be sold at a fan table must be made for and or by your fan group.

Tables must be staffed by fan group members. This means that you will need to purchase tickets for the people who will be staffing your table.

Table staffing hours:

Clermont Comic Con table hours run from 10am to 5pm.

Fan Table groups must provide their own staff to cover their table. Clermont Comic Con volunteers are not permitted to assist in managing your tables. If you need to step away from your table, it is your responsibility to have another designated person to watch your merchandise.

Clermont Comic Con is not responsible for displays, merchandise, or other items left at tables during closed hours. Any items left are at your own risk. This includes setup on the day before.

In deference to our vendors and exhibitors, who purchase a table or sponsor the convention, no general merchandise sales are permitted at fan group tables. You may sell items which have your groups name or logo only, such as pins, t-shirts, or bookmarks.

Charity collections are not allowed as it may interfere with the integrity of Clermont Comic Con approved and sponsored charity.

Electrical power:

Be sure to bring your own extension cords.

There may be a charge for access to power.

If you need Internet access at your table, you’ll have to arrange this with the Clermont Comic Con.

Fan group tables are 6 feet in length and will have two chairs per table. Please ask someone from the Clermont Comic Con if you need anymore than two chairs and we will try to accommodate.

You may utilize the space behind your table in whatever way you see fit, so long as no fire or safety hazards are created. Anything that extends into a walkway is considered a safety hazard.

Nothing may be attached in any way to the ceiling. If there is a wall or column behind you, you will need to arrange with a venue staff member to attach materials; there may be a fee. Any publicly displayed items must be suitable for all audiences; Clermont Comic Con is a family friendly show.

Table placement will be at the sole discretion of the Clermont Comic Con.

*Load-in is Saturday November 17th from 6pm to 10pm and Sunday November 18th 7am to 9:30am.



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